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vs. UAB

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Oct. 24th, 2005 | 07:51 am
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posted by: superbeeg513 in the_pride_usm

Hey, the game was on ESPN Friday night, so I got to watch up here in SC! Yay!

1.) Seriously guys, why was the game so close the whole time??
2.) Good to see Derrick Nix is still around even though his big bro deflected to U of South Carolina
3.) They showed The Pride at least 4 times when I was watching (we started watching at a restaurant, so we missed some of the action on the ride home) and didn't show UAB's band once
4.) The Pride sounded ROCK AWESOME except for some freaking sloppy trumpet on the fight song, every time.
5.) The difference between us and UAB was some WICKED BASS on your parts. UAB was UBER top heavy. Man Southern sounds delicious.
6.) You guys are sexy!

USM no. 1 in C-USA. Rock on!

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from: rateesa1
date: Oct. 24th, 2005 05:19 pm (UTC)

1. The game was close 'cause we're pretty evenly matched. I thought we were gonna lose late 3rd quarter though; thankfully...we didn't.
Dustin Almond's inconsistency is our biggest problem. He hangs onto the football too dang long....pick your man; and unload, or throw it away if you can't find anybody open.

2. Nix is cool

3. - 6.) TPTs clean up, please...that OUCHED. Yes; I've played piccolo on that tune more times than I can count....but the TPT line mirrors the picc parts in places. Clean it up; don't pinch...AIR AIR AIR!!!!!!!! That's the one way the picc line makes it through that. UAB is top heavy for ever. At least we have a honkin' bassline. Always have had that though.


(Just a Pride Alumn wantin' to know)

(Music Biz 1996; Picc line '91-93)

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from: punkybritesan
date: Oct. 25th, 2005 03:25 am (UTC)

Thank you, thank you very much... We finally got to hear live recordings of ourselves the other day. I don't think we sound half bad for only 199 people. I went to get some hot dogs during the game, and I was impressed by our sound and look. I actually felt proud to be a member of the Pride that day (not that I'm not most day's, just ...especially so at that moment).

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from: rateesa1
date: Oct. 25th, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)


Ok; when I was there we marched 330-350, no joke.

Two words to always remember across the board, "blend"; "balance", and ya got it nailed. What I heard of y'all (exclusive of the Fight Song) was pretty awesome. Aerosmith? How wicked cool is that!?!?

(Picc '91-'93)

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