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The Pride of Southern Miss

The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band!
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Welcome to The Pride's LiveJournal Community!

Here is just a little place for those members of the pride past and present to get together and discuss current band situations, shows, opinions, and questions. There aren't too many rules as of yet, since the community is just getting started but here they are:

1) As your first entry, introduce yourself. Name or lj username, instrument, year, where you're from etc etc...just a nice little introduction of yourself.

2) Always feel free to speak your mind, but please do be aware of others people's feelings. Over all, just be the adults I know are inside you somewhere!

3) Posts don't always have to be on topic of band band band, but don't feel like you're infringing on the rules if you want to share something about yourself with your fellow band members.

That's pretty much it. Go, join, discuss!